Welcome to Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School!

Matthew Block, Principal
Nicholas Grimshaw, Assistant Principal
Carly Johnson, Assistant Principal

School Day: First Bell at 7:55 a.m. - Dismissal at 2:45 p.m.

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 7:30 p.m.
Snow Date:  Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 7:30 p.m.

Gr. 6:  March 2, 5, 10, 13, 18
Gr. 7:  March 3, 6, 11, 16, 19
Gr. 8:  March 4, 9, 12, 17, 20

Music Concert and Assembly Dress Code
Boys: Black Pants, White Shirt, Black Socks, Dress Shoes
Girls: Black Skirt (knee length) / Pants, White Blouse, Dress Shoes (No Uggs or Flip Flops)



Curriculum Update:

Over the past five years, the Summit Board of Education has been shaping public education locally through five overarching focus areas. The focus areas, which were developed by Summit educators and members of the greater Summit community, stress evaluating current programs and identifying areas for enhancement, integrating global themes into learning, and emphasizing 21st Century skills across all subject areas.  While we have always had a very strong Social Studies program at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School, in examining our courses, we felt that a stronger spotlight could and should be directed towards those topics that are most relevant to our students and our world today.  In turn, we re-examined how we were meeting the needs of our students in teaching them to be critical thinkers, communicators, and informed citizens.  In our former Social Studies class sequence, topics relating to civic education, including law, government, politics, and economics, were relegated to a relatively small piece of one year of middle school Social Studies.  Our overall sequence included a full year of United States history and two full years of world history.  These courses at LCJSMS covered many of the same topics as the United States and world history classes at Summit High School.  We were, therefore, covering some topics multiple times and other important topics were not covered in great depth.  As a result of our ongoing focus on 21st Century skills, global connections, making learning relevant for students, and a belief in the importance of creating educated and informed citizens, we have established a Social Studies course in eighth grade called, We the Students.

We the Students is a class in which students are learning about the world around them.  Topics for the course have been organized under four major themes. Those themes are:  Government and Citizenship; People, Politics, and Issues that Shape our Society; Law and Justice; and Economics and the Connected World.  Our eighth grade Social Studies teachers, along with our instructional technology teacher and instructional facilitator, have gathered excellent educational materials, both text and electronic, to support the curriculum.  Additionally, the curriculum-writing team has developed activities that are interesting, engaging, and student-centered.  It is widely known that young adolescents are interested in the world around them and are anxious to explore current events and world issues.  This course provides students with ample opportunities to engage in those explorations.  As an added benefit, all of our other eighth grade content area teachers have been working to link their own curricula, where appropriate, to the themes of instruction identified through this course.  Our eighth grade Language Arts teachers, in particular, have integrated these themes into their teaching.  This joint curriculum-writing project between the Social Studies and Language Arts Departments has created an exciting and unique collaboration, which we hope will serve as a model for future projects.  Cross content connections beyond Language Arts are also being forged in other areas during the school year, creating possible connections to statistical and financial mathematics, public speaking, media literacy, persuasive writing, debate, and a myriad of other engaging topics.  Last, but not least, this course directly correlates with the LCJSMS Ryder’s Challenge Program (community service) and the end-of-year Washington, DC, trip.  The combination of these events and activities rounds out the eighth grade experience dealing with civics in a modern world and provides students with authentic, hands-on experiences.  We are very excited to be providing students with a Social Studies course that is relevant, caters to student interests, and provides many authentic opportunities for problem-based instruction.

Attendance Policies:

Students Leaving Early
If it is necessary for a student to leave early for an appointment, a note should be brought to the Attendance Secretary BEFORE homeroom. The student's parent/guardian must sign the student out of school at the appointed time.  If the student is not being picked up by a parent / guardian, the name of the person signing the student out must be included in the note.

Student Absence
Please call the Attendance line at (908) 273-1491 no later than 9:00 a.m. if your child will be absent.  If the Attendance Secretary does not receive a phone call from a parent/guardian, we will attempt to reach you at home or work. If we are unable to contact you, then an attempt to contact emergency numbers will be made. ¬†After all efforts to locate the student have been exhausted, the Principal or his designee will notify the Juvenile Officer of the Summit Police Department. PLEASE CALL EACH DAY WHEN ILLNESS CONTINUES. ¬†For planned future absences, please address a note to the Attendance Secretary explaining the reason for the intended absence. ¬†If we have a note on file, a call is not necessary.

Lateness to School
If a student is going to be late to school (arriving after 8:00 a.m.), the parent/guardian must call the Attendance line at (908) 273-1491 before 9:00 a.m. When the student arrives at school, they should report to the Attendance Secretary for a pass to homeroom or class.  A note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for the late arrival must also be presented. If the student is late three times or more without a note, they will be assigned a Central Detention.  Each time they are late thereafter, a Central Detention will be assigned.  Detentions are held Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2:50-3:35 p.m.  If a student misses an assigned detention, they will be assigned a make-up detention plus an additional detention.

When students are absent they should make every effort to keep up with their classwork.  Students are encouraged to select a homework buddy.  A homework buddy is someone the student can call to keep current with assignments in the event of a one- or two-day absence.  For absences of three days or more, parents may call the Attendance Secretary at (908) 273-1491 before 10:00 a.m. on the third day of the absence to request homework assignments.  The assignments can be picked up by parents at the close of school on the fourth day of the student's absence. Students will receive time to complete their make-up work.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, work not completed will result in a failing grade.  If a student is going to be out two weeks or more, arrangements for home instruction should be made promptly.  This can be arranged through the student's school counselor.

School Absences/Late Arrival/Leaving Early
Para Salir Temprano. ¬†En caso de que un estudiante necesite salir temprano para acudir a una cita, es necesario que en tregue una nota a la Sra. Churchill antes de presentarse a clases. ¬†El padre, la madre o el tutor legal del estudiante podr√° llevarse al estudiante de la escuela a la hora acordada. Si la persona designada para recoger al estudiante es otra distinta del padre, lamadre o el tutor legal, el nombre de esta persona debe estar indicado en dichanota. En caso de Ausencia, por favor llame a la Sra. Churchill, al (908) 273-1491, antes de las 9:00 de la ma√Īana, TODOS LOS D√ćAS QUE EST√Č AUSENTE. ¬†Si su hija(o) va a estar ausente y el padre, la madre, o el tutor legal no informa a la Sra. Churchill, ella intentar√° ponerse en contacto con ustedes. ¬†Si no lo consigue, intentar√° llamar a los n√ļmeros de emergencia. Si no consigue ninguno de esos contactos, el director o su designado notificar√° al Oficial de Menores del Departamento de Polic√≠a de Summit. ¬†En caso de ausencias planeadas, ser√° necesario enviar una nota a la Sra. Churchill indicando el tiempo y la raz√≥n de dicha ausencia. ¬†En caso de haber enviado una nota, no ser√° necesario llamarpor tel√©fono. ¬†Si prefieren, podr√°ncomunicarse por escrito o por tel√©fono en idioma espa√Īol. En caso de retraso. ¬†Si un estudiante llega despu√©s de las 8 de la ma√Īana, es necesario que uno de sus padres o su tutor legal llame altel√©fono 273-1491, antes de las 9 de la ma√Īana, para informar de dicho retraso.¬†El estudiante debe traer consigouna nota de sus padres o su tutor legal indicando la raz√≥n por la que llegatarde, la cual debe entregar a la secretaria encargada de asistencia paraobtener un pase para poder ser admitido a clase. ¬†Si un estudiante llega tarde tres o m√°s veces sin una notaque justifique su retraso, ser√° castigado con detenci√≥n central. ¬†Despu√©s del tercer retraso, se leasignar√° una detenci√≥n central por cada d√≠a que llegue tarde. ¬†Las detenciones tienen lugar los martes, mi√©rcoles y jueves, de 2:50 a 3:35 de la tarde. ¬†Si un estudiante falta a una detenci√≥n se le asignar√°n losd√≠as en que debe cumplir la detenci√≥n perdida y una detenci√≥n adicional.Trabajo de Recuperaci√≥n. ¬†Cuando un estudiante falta clase debe hacer todo lo posible por ponerse al d√≠a con eltrabajo de su clase. ¬†Se recomiendaque todos los estudiantes seleccionen un compa√Īero de clase el cual, en caso de ausencias de uno o dos d√≠as, pueda informarle sobre el trabajo de clase ytareas asignadas. ¬†En caso deausencias de tres o m√°s d√≠as, los padres o tutores legales pueden llamar a la secretaria encargada de asistencia al tel√©fono (908) 273-1491, antes de las 10 de la ma√Īana del tercer d√≠a de ausencia, para pedir las tares asignadas. Los padres o tutores legales podr√°n recoger las asignaciones de tareas despu√©s declases del cuarto d√≠a de ausencia. Los estudiantes tendr√°n suficiente tiempopara recuperar su trabajo. ¬†A menosque haya circunstancias atenuantes, el trabajo no finalizado llevar√° consigo elconsiguiente reprobado. ¬†En caso deque un estudiante est√© ausente durante dos semanas o m√°s, ser√° necesario hacerarreglos r√°pidamente para que este estudiante reciba instrucci√≥n en casa. ¬†Estos arreglos han de hacerse con elorientador o consejero del estudiante.

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School
Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students attend Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School in a beautiful 1920s building that has been totally renovated with up-to-date classrooms, labs, and equipment.

The Middle School provides a supportive and stimulating environment during the fast growth years of early adolescence.  Comprehensive instruction in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts builds on the skills acquired in elementary school.

Opportunities to explore a variety of offerings begin in sixth grade and continue throughout the middle school experience.  Latin, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese are offered beginning in sixth grade.  Art, General Music, Drama, Forensics, Writing, Technology Education, Keyboarding, Reading/Study Skills, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, and Computer Applications are taught in exploratory cycles.

A vigorous and successful intramural and interscholastic sports program is provided, along with an extensive selection of school clubs appealing to a wide range of interests. The school has consistently produced winners in various county and state academic competitions.

It is our mission as a school community to provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment, where diversity is celebrated, uniqueness of the individual is valued, and high academic standards are maintained to ensure success for all students.

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